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Dear Colleague,
From the Desk of Mike Woo-Ming,, MD
Physician Entrepreneur and Business Owner

We are at a crossroads in medicine.  Our autonomy is eroding.   Reimbursements are dwindling.  According to the latest New York Times article, there are an average of 10 administrators for every physician in this country.

Yes I know you've heard it all before.  Physician burnout.  Moral distress.  Moral injury.  Whatever they call it, the bottom is that many physicians are struggling.  Just like you, I'm tired of the negativity.

About 16 years ago, I saw the writing on the wall.  Trained as a Mayo Clinic family physician and overworked at a group family practice, I loved medicine, but I didn't love what medicine doing to me. Always eager to say "Yes", without an increase in pay.  More call.  Less appreciative patients.  It was not the doctor I envisioned becoming. Eventually I found something that worked for me: entrepreneurship.

The spark for me was finding a mentor who was a multi-millionaire who ran successful online businesses.  I learned about building an online businesses.  I started by selling books online, which became a publishing company.  It then became a consulting company.  Eventually I partnered with someone and started one of the largest online lead generation companies which I was eventually able to sell and retire from corporate medicine.  I now run a successful boutique practice and med spa, leading to the successful development of multiple clinics n Southern California.  I also run a consulting company called BootstrapMD working with physician entrepreneurs.

That is my story in a nutshell.

The good news is that I wasn't alone.  There were other doctors who had also had similar origins, albeit different roads to success.  Many of them I met through conferences or on online groups.  But the biggest problem. is there was not one place where we could all meet.  

Well that all changed earlier this year.  For the first time, I held a closed door workshop in San Diego.  Many of the attendees didn't know what expect.  Heck, I didn't as well.  But what came out was amazing.  

When choosing who could speak at my event,  I had three criteria for each of my speakers.  1) If they were a physician, they could only work 10 hours or less a week.  2) They had another stream of income (or streams of income) that was supplementing them outside of medicine. 3) They were willing to share it with the audience.  The workshop was not only amazing, it was empowering.

We loved doing it so much, we wanted to do it again.  And this time, I am cohosting with one of my original speakers, Dr. Maiysha Clairborne!  Dr. Clairborne was one that really resonated with our audience, and who also shared in my vision.  

Maiysha Clairborne, MD
"The Purpose for Profit
Physician Entrepreneur"
Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an integrative family physician, and founder of Stress Free Mom MD & the Next Level Physician Entrepreneur’s Institute. Dr. Maiysha’s training journey began at Emory University completing her Bachelors in Psychology. She completed her medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine, and her Family Medicine Residency at Florida Hospital. Best known for her down to earth personality, poignant humor, and out of the box thinking style, she passionately shares her expertise on career transition, business, and entrepreneurship because she is committed to the satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment of her fellow physicians.

Mike Woo-Ming, MD MPH
"The Online Business
Physician Entrepreneur"
Mike Woo-Ming MD MPH is a physician entrepreneur, in-demand speaker, influencer & medical marketing strategist, overseeing the development and growth of several multi-million dollar online companies. He has co-founded, and later sold, two small business lead generation software companies which did nearly $8 million in sales in the span of a few years. He has spearheaded the development of EMerit, one of the largest reputation management services for physicians for Medical Justice, Inc. Dr. Woo-Ming holds a master's degree in public health at the University of Michigan and a Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University. He has lectured at workshops and conferences on both B2B and B2C digital marketing to startups and established small businesses n the US, Australia, Asia, and Europe. , 

John Jurica, MD, MPH, CPE
"The List Building Physician Entrepreneur"
John is a board-certified family physician who began doing nonclinical side jobs early in his career as UM physician advisor and occupational medicine medical director. With the additional experience of serving on several nonprofit boards, he transitioned to hospital administration, first as VP for medical affairs, and then as chief medical officer.

He completed a master’s degree in public health while in practice, and certification as a physician executive through the American Association for Physician Leadership. He left his CMO position to partner in an urgent care start-up in 2014, where he continues to serve as medical director. 
With a life-long interest in writing, John began a blog called Vital Physician Executive [vitalpe.net] in 2016, and has posted over 100 articles on topics related to leadership and hospital management. 
In 2017, he started producing the Physician Nonclinical Careers Podcast [vitalpe.net/iTunes]. Through the podcast, John has interviewed dozens of physician entrepreneurs, executives, managers, coaches and other experts in physician career transition. 

He is the “admin” for a Facebook Group with over 11,000 physician members, called Physician Nonclinical Career Hunters. Finally, John has also created the Nonclinical Career Academy [vitalpe.net/nonclinicalcareeracademy], where he offers free and low-cost courses designed to assist physicians in their career pivots.

Eric Tait, MD MBA
"The Automated Business Systems
Physician Entrepreneur"
Dr. Eric Tait MD MBA is a semi-retired internist in Houston TX. A native of Mount Vernon New York, Eric Attended Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University doing a dual degree M.D./MBA program and did his internal medicine residency at UTMB Galveston. Along with his clinical work he is President of Vernonville Asset Management an investment firm that helps individuals gain access to private investment opportunities that create passive income and/or capital gains, while avoiding the volatile publicly traded stock and bond market. 

Eric also created The Physician’s Road, a place where physicians can create their lives in medicine on their own terms by focusing on 5 key areas, wealth creation, professional practice improvement, health, external relationships, and personal development. 

Eric is married with 2 children and enjoys traveling, speaking to physician groups in person and on his podcast, and smoking a good cigar.
Dr. Tait works just one day a week, and brings in revenue through investments and passive income vehicles. He will teach you how to create leverage in your life and business; using automation and outsourcing to get more accomplished in a shorter time frame with less hassle.

Nana Korsah, MD 
"The Multiple Streams of Income
Physician Entrepreneur"
Nana Korsah, MD is a former Nephrologist turned Locum Hospitalist., and board certified in Internal Medicine.  While bearing the responsibility of working as a full-time nephrologist, a wife, and a mother, she became tired, overwhelmed, and her presence was lacking at home. 

Looking for a better way to live her life differently, she discovered podcasts and began reading books that helped view her life differently. Looking to be more intentional in her life and live on her own terms, she worked with a physician coach that completely transformed her thinking, which changed her life. The shift in her mindset made it possible to achieve a personalized version of the elusive work-life balance. 

Currently she has a side gig as a Telemedicine Physician, a certified life, and financial coach for physicians who want to pay off debt and live wealthy lives quicker. She helps physicians who want to enjoy the lives they sacrificed so much to create, but they don't know where to start. She helps them build wealth and say yes to the lives they want. 

"Having more time, energy, freedom, and flexibility to dedicate to my family was and is very important to me. I am proud to say that my life now reflects all of my priorities, and I live life on my own terms."

October 5-6, 2019

Online Course Basics

Doctors are becoming more and more interested in creating products that help them leverage their time and still make the difference they want to make. Online courses are among these products, however many think that producing and creating an online course is a complicated and time consuming process. It doesn’t have to be. In this workshop, we’ll break down the components of creating an online course so that you can see how simple it can be. You’ll walk away with a solid sense of what it takes to create a course of your own, and will be empowered that you can make it happen
within the next 30-60 days.

Creating Passive Income Streams with Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to get started with generating income from home is to promote other people's products, also known as affiliate marketing.  Yes you can make money in 2019, but there's certain factors you need to be aware of before getting started.  There are also important legal guidelines you need to know as a health care professional.  We will go through it all step by step, how to find affiliate programs, and how to generate traffic through social media and SEO to your websites.

A Physician’s Guide to Working From Home

Imagine a world where you are a physician who can work from home. Amazing, right? Well, there’s no need to imagine anymore. We are in a time when physicians can join the virtual workers club. I officially joined that club this year. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned along the way, in hopes that you will also join the club of virtual physicians if you so desire. I did it, and you can too. The good news is that I cover clinical, non-clinical, and entrepreneurial ventures, so there is something in this talk for everyone. Best of all, if working from home is a dream of yours, I am here to let you know that your dream can certainly become a reality, and you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. 

How to Become an In-Demand Online Physician Consultant

You have spent years acquiring your degree, but are you taking full advantage of your expertise and experience?  More physicians are going into business for themselves and utilizing the power of the internet to get their message out there as a physician influencer and consultant.  Learn how to leverage your knowledge by becoming an in-demand, high paying  physician consultant.  We will discuss the most profitable consulting niches for physicians in 2019, how to "test" your consulting ideas for free, how to find prospective clients who are desperate for your services, and learn how to finally get paid what you are worth.

How to Use Facebook to Create a Following and Email to Warm Up Your Customers

One of the values of Facebook is the ability to create a group. Groups can be public, closed, or secret. And each group has its own rules. Some are used to openly nurture sales, while others are designed to share information and inspiration, while restricting sales activity. But whichever type you choose, they can be a great way to attract customers
and create a loyal community.

Every online business also needs an email list of potential buyers and loyal customers. But the quantity of subscribers is not as important as the quality. And potential customers are reluctant to share their email address. So online business owners must become sophisticated in their approach to building and maintaining a list.

In this workshop, we'll start by describing how a closed Facebook group grew from zero to 12,000 physician members in three years. Then we'll shift gears and discuss email lists: why they're critically important, how to grow your list, and what to do with it once you have one.

Stepping into Sales Mastery

We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars becoming experts in what we do...and we ARE experts. The problem is that as medical professionals, we are not taught business, entrepreneurship, or marketing and we most certainly are not taught sales. The Stepping into Sales Mastery course is designed to take the mystery out of and empower you around selling as a medical professional. 

What we’ll cover: 
  Adopting the sales mindset 
  Knowing Your Worth
  Getting Clarity on what Your are Actually Selling
  The 5 keys to an effective sales process 
  Dealing With Objections (NOT Rejection)

Leverage Your Time Through Automation

One of the most challenging things about being a new entrepreneur is shifting from the “I’ve got to do it myself”. This approach is one of the top reasons that business owners get burned out within the first few years of building and running their business. Enter automation. Automation is the key to freeing yourself from the daily “grind” of attracting and keeping clients, allowing you to almost duplicate yourself so you can focus on what you do best. In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of what automation is, all the ways you can automate your business and process, when you know it’s time to automate, and what platforms to use to get started. By the end of the workshop, you’ll know where you are in your process, and what steps are next to take to begin leveraging your time and creating more workability in your business and life.

Friday, October 4
We are having a pre-event workshop occurring the day before BootcampMD.  It is highly recommended for those new to physician entrepreneurship, however anyone may attend.

Get Yo' Mind Right! Stepping into the Entrepreneur Mindset

As with anything new you embark upon, in entrepreneurship, you must deal with your fears, frustrations, and limiting views about stepping into the unknown. In this workshop, we will explore your limiting beliefs, concerns, fears, and frustrations, and get you prepared with practices that will empower you to “get yo' mind right” at any time during your entrepreneur journey that you feel stuck. 

Getting Clarity - What Problem Do You Solve

One of the main reasons aspiring and new business owners struggle to get their ideal clients is that they are unclear about who they are serving and what specific problem they are solving. Without crystal clear clarity on these things, you will not only struggle to find the right clients, you will waste money on fruitless advertising to the wrong people for the wrong thing. In this workshop, Dr. Clairborne will walk you through an exercise that will not only help you identify what problem you solve specifically, but who you are solving the problem for. By the end of the workshop you will come away with a deeper clarity of where you are going, so that you can create a solution that servers your passion and the people you most want to make a difference with. This will also powerfully set you up for the remainder of the conference.

The dates are Saturday, October 5- Sunday October 6, 2019 in Atlanta, GA.  It will be held at the  SpringHill Suites Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel.  An Optional Pre-Event Workshop will Start on the afternoon of Friday, October 4.


It will be held at the SpringHill Suites Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel.  2091 Convention Center Concourse College Park, Georgia 30337.  (1 mile from the Atlanta Airport.) . We have a special discount link for attendees.  You can book your hotel room here >>


Because of limited seating, every attendee must purchase a ticket.


As this workshop is geared to those attendees with a healthcare background so nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physician assistants are also welcome to attend.  


No it is not required.  Just an open mind!


The event will start on Saturday and Sunday, October 5-6 at 9am and end about 5pm.  For those attending the optional pre-event workshop will start on Friday, October 4 at 1pm. We recommend flying in the day before the workshop and leaving on Monday.


Attendees should wear business casual.  

SAVE $300 on the Current Price

Atlanta, GA Oct 5-6, 2019

- Passive Income Strategies
- Active Income Strategies
- Develop an Online Business
Hosted by Mike Woo-Ming MD MPH

An Intensive Workshop
For Physicians Who Want 
to Build Significant Revenue
Outside of Their Busy Medical Practice!

Don't Take Our Word for It... Here's
What Attendees Have Said About BootcampMD!
"Beyond Anything That I Could Have
Really Imagined!"
"I'm so grateful that I came to this conference. This was beyond anything that I could have really imagined. It's been amazing to be in a room full of successful physicians who are willing to take challenges to make things happen . It's been an inspiring weekend... Thank you so much for BootcampMD."
-- Mously LeBlanc, MD, Philadelphia, PA
"Excited About What I've
Been Learning!"
I am really excited about what I've been learning... My favorite part of this was the collaborative nature of the group. There was wonderful content shared ... It was collaborative and not competitive. "
  -- Pam Pappas, MD, Scottsdale AZ
"His Mission is To Help
a Thousand Doctors...
That Really Resonated with Me!"
"Had a great time...Mike brought together a lot of high end speakers that shared inside information. His mission is to help 1000 doctors to improve their lives and help society...that really resonated me. I invite you to come out!"
-- Alex Nghiem, Houston TX
In Terms of My Next Steps...Looking to Apply Everything I've Learned!"
"I came to Bootcamp, not knowing what to expect, but was really pleasantly surprised. Really great speakers..It gave me a bit of clarity, in terms of my next steps....looking to apply
everything I've learned!"
-- Olufunke Odetunde, MD, Pearland TX
"Feel EMPOWERED... Hoping to Move Forward with My Ideas!"
I just finished BootcampMD with Dr. Mike, and had a really good experience...I learned a lot this weekend,
he had excellent speakers. Feel empowered...
hoping to move forward with my ideas!"
 -- Lynn Walker, MD, Denver CO
"It Really Put the Process into Persepective!"
"I'm really glad I took the course... It really put the process into perspective and made me think about some things that I didn't really consider before. Would love to do something
similar again in the future!"
 -- Vadim Knobel, MD, Chappaqua, NY

OLD WAY:  Work one job. the only way to get a "raise" is by seeing more patients, continue letting your employer take advantage of you 

NEW WAY: Build multiple streams of income, work when you want and where you want, spend more time with your loved ones...
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