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Subject: For Doctors Who are Tired of the Rat Race, and Want to Diversify their Income through Entrepreneurship
From the desk of: Mike Woo-Ming, MD
Dear Doctor -- 

I'll Get Right to the Point...Because Your Time is Valuable.

It seems like most doctors believe that the only way to increase your income, is to SEE MORE PATIENTS.  That couldn't be further from the truth.

But that's often "what the powers that be" want you to believe.  If your entire income is based on how many patients you see, you will always hit a financial ceiling.  And that often leads to loss of control, resentment, and eventual burnout which as we all know is so prevalent in medicine these days.

For years, I often felt the same way.  I was always "stuck". As a primary care physician, it seems I was always getting the short end of the stick.  I thought you needed to pay for an expensive MBA, or to get venture capital funding to have a successful business.  These were just self-limiting beliefs that got me in the way to success.
It wasn't until I sought out mentors in the business world who were much more successful than me, was I able to develop my own business (which I did so from my laptop) that allowed me to build multiple streams of income and leave corporate medicine forever.

Coming in January, I want you to connect and learn from other doctors who have build significant income for themselves (some 7 figures annually or more), outside of their physician practice, many of whom have stopped practicing altogether.

It's called BootcampMD.

It's a 2 Day Workshop where I want to give you the tools to develop your own business, sharing you the same secrets I used to help me to leave insurance-based medicine.  I am passionate about helping my fellow doctors, and it's my way of "giving back" because I believe entrepreneurship is the true way to sustainable revenue.  And it's about time doctors band together and creating our own successes.

So Who am I?

My name is Mike Woo-Ming, MD.  I am a family physician, father, author, and entrepreneur.  I have been featured in Medical Economics, Wall Street Journal and multiple podcasts.  I have shared the stage and lucky to call friends with top entrepreneurs such as Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, and Armand Morin.   

In 2004, I started selling "niche" books online that led to me leaving my medical practice and then became an online business consultant.  In 2007 I co-developed a small business software company that allowed me to travel all over the world, and did $7 million in sales that I eventually sold a few years later.  Having never lost my love of medicine, I used my business knowledge to own multiple health and wellness clinics in the Southern California region, and run a consulting company.  I see patients because I enjoy it, not because I have to, averaging less than 12 hours a week.

For years I have been reluctant to teach doctors to learn from my success. In fact the same colleagues who initially dismissed me when I left my practice, now ask me to mentor them and how to do this on their own.

Remember during medical rounds, the old adage "See one, Do one,Teach one"? Well for two rigorous days - my goal is to teach you the foundation to help you build your own business, most of which you can do on your own spare time.  Leveraging the internet and social media allows you to create businesses much faster than what was recently thought possible.

During the workshop, I will give you the step by step knowledge on what my mentors taught me, sharing you the exact strategies that I used to get me started in my nearly 20 years of being an online entrepreneur.  I've also invited a select number of successful physicians are living life on their own terms, built their brand, and  who have developed revenue outside of a conventional medical doctor's practice.

I've taught entrepreneurship for nearly two decades.  So that's why I've put together a closed-door workshop with only a very small number of health care professionals.  In my experience, the best way to learn is to immerse yourself into the process and surround yourself with like-minded people.

I've purposely kept it to about  30 give you the personalized experience you need. 
To really thrive in having your own business, this workshop could shave years of trying to do this on your own.

Your BootcampMD Faculty
I opened my rolodex of physicians and high income professionals to find the best of the best who would help me to teach at our live workshop.
I had two criteria:
1) Find someone who actually "walked the walk" -- had a successful sustainable business that could be easily taught or modeled. If they were doctors, they had income that was not dependent on seeing patients for a living.
 2) Were passionate about helping physicians live their ideal life, by sharing the tools to assist them on their journey.
The search wasn't easy. But once I found the right people I knew I had to get them on stage. And boy was I happy they said YES!

Here is your outstanding BootcampMD faculty, each designed to optimize every phase of your business:
Maiysha Clairborne, MD
"The Purpose for Profit Expert"
Leverage Your Expertise to Build a Passion and Purposeful Business
Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an integrative family physician, and founder of Stress Free Mom MD & the Next Level Physician Entrepreneur’s Institute. Dr. Maiysha’s training journey began at Emory University completing her Bachelors in Psychology. She completed her medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine, and her Family Medicine Residency at Florida Hospital. Best known for her down to earth personality, poignant humor, and out of the box thinking style, she passionately shares her expertise on career transition, business, and entrepreneurship because she is committed to the satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment of her fellow physicians.

Dr. Clairborne will teach you how to leverage Your degree with Passion and Purpose for Profit.  As more and more, doctors are stepping out and starting their own business, many will find out that we were never taught even the basic principles of business and entrepreneurship …We weren’t encouraged to think outside the box… we weren’t taught business planning, we weren’t taught marketing… and we were most certainly NOT taught sales… It can make building a business daunting.  
That’s exactly why Dr. Clairborne is the perfect mentor for BootcampMD.  You will learn:
- How to start and successfully build a business without having to go back for an MBA…
- How to create a career you love, on your terms, without sacrificing your income, and without having t go through any extensive or exhausting additional extra training?
- The secret to systematically replacing your income as a physician or medical professional.
Our industry has limited our view of what’s possible for us as physicians. The "Powers that Be" Will have you believe it's not possible to create a career on your terms. After her session, she will prove to you that these “Powers that Be", have absolutely no power over you, and show you that you can leverage your degree with passion and purpose for Profit.
Lynn Marie Morski
MD, Esq.
"The Strategic Quitting Expert"
Strategically Quit Clinical Medicine to Enter Your Next Phase in Your Career
Lynn Marie Morski MD, Esq. is a Quitting Evangelist. She helps people quit strategically through her book “Quitting by Design” and her podcast Quit Happens, along with speaking and coaching. She is also a board-certified physician in family medicine and sports medicine, currently working at the Veterans Administration. In addition, she is an attorney and former adjunct law professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. 

Dr. Morski began her professional life as a multimedia designer, then made a major shift and embarked on a medical career which began at St. Louis University School of Medicine, then continued with family medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic and a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona. During this time she was published in the American Journal of Family Medicine and presented at an International meeting of the American Society for Sports Medicine.
After obtaining board certification in Family Medicine and a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine, Dr. Morski began law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA, where she graduated as valedictorian in December 2014. She was admitted to the California Bar in June 2015. Prior to writing a book and beginning her podcast, she was an adjunct professor of health law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and served as co-founder, Chief Medical Office and in-house legal counsel for MedRepublic.

Many physicians want to get into entrepreneurship because the traditional practice of medicine isn’t a good fit for them. But something (let’s be honest, many things) holds them back. It may be fear of what people will think if they leave clinical medicine, or fear of the unknown about what lies on the other side of that quit. That’s where Dr. Lynn Marie Morski steps in. A physician and attorney turned author/speaker/podcaster, Dr. Morski specializes in helping people harness the power of strategically quitting anything that isn’t working for them, be it in work, relationships, mindsets or beyond. 

She has identified the most common fears related to quitting and gives concrete steps on how to overcome them. She’s also passionate about showing doctors how to find ways to use their degrees and skills to earn a living outside of clinical medicine, and how to use strategic quitting to carve out clinical practices that bring them more fulfillment and less stress while they pursue their entrepreneurial interests.
Eric Tait MD
"The Business Systems Expert"
Systematize Your Physician Life and Your Business
Dr. Eric Tait MD MBA is a semi-retired internist in Houston TX. A native of Mount Vernon New York, Eric Attended Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University doing a dual degree M.D./MBA program and did his internal medicine residency at UTMB Galveston. Along with his clinical work he is President of Vernonville Asset Management an investment firm that helps individuals gain access to private investment opportunities that create passive income and/or capital gains, while avoiding the volatile publicly traded stock and bond market.

Eric also created The Physician’s Road, a place where physicians can create their lives in medicine on their own terms by focusing on 5 key areas, wealth creation, professional practice improvement, health, external relationships, and personal development.

Eric is married with 2 children and enjoys traveling, speaking to physician groups in person and on his podcast, and smoking a good cigar.
Dr. Tait works just one day a week, and brings in revenue through investments and passive income vehicles.  He will teach you how to create leverage in your life and business; using automation and outsourcing to get more accomplished in a shorter time frame with less hassle.
Travis Tollestrop
"The Real Estate Passive Income Pro"
Beat the Bank at Their Own "Game of Spreads" and Create Multiple Passive Income Streams 
"Mail Box Money" has now been replaced with "Electronic Deposits" but the freedom, flexibility and options that passive income creates from these little known strategies are the same.  

Travis Tollestrup is managing director of Capstone Funding Group, Inc., a San Diego based real estate and note investment group. He has been creating passive income for his investors for over 17 years.

After discovering self-directed IRAs and other self-directed retirement accounts in 2003, Travis began educating his eye surgeon clients and other doctors about these strategic accounts, too. While these accounts can invest in almost any type of investment, Travis and his team focus primarily in the residential and small multi-unit real estate space. They help their time starved doctor investors...who are busy seeing patients all become passive note investors or ‘private lenders' and secure each of their investments directly to a piece of real estate. 

This "private bank" group has allowed Travis and his team to help more investors keep "the spread" the bank earns for themselves while also helping aspiring homeowners fast track their path to home ownership that they previously never thought possible. 

Travis is also founder of Max ROI Media, a marketing consulting and training company. During its first 8 years, Travis helped design, build and implement case conversion, follow-up & referral marketing systems for eye surgeons. Today, Travis and his marketing team focus full time in the real estate space sponsoring webinars and workshops to help doctors and other high level investors grow their passive income...both actively or passively. Their mission is to turn 100,000 renters into happy homeowners over the next 10 years through their network of investors and area partners across the country.
When Travis isn’t acquiring new properties and creating passive income opportunities or teaching others to do the same, he can be found with his wife cheering on one of his 8 children at their basketball or rugby game or enjoying one of their piano recitals.

Alex Nghiem
"The High End Client Attraction Expert"
Attract Premium Price
by Building and Growing
a High End,
High Value Business 
Alex Nghiem is an in-demand business strategist that helps his clients build 7-figure expert lifetstyle businesses with a focus on programs at $5K - $100K+ per sale. He's generated over $40 million of sales for his clients including NY Times best-selling authors and market leaders such as Sally Hogshead, Scott Hallman (2 times Inc 500 CEO), Vin Cardillo (Inc 500 Co-Founder and who's raised $150 million to buy companies), and Larry Benet (Co-Founder of SANG and recognized by Forbes as one of the 25 most connected people on the planet).
He's published 4 books, shared the stages with Dan Kennedy, George Foreman, and he's guest lectured at SP Jain School of Global Management, one of the top MBA schools in Asia.

Do you want to attract high-end clients but wonder if you have sufficient experience to charge premium fees? Then join us for this special session as Alex Nghiem shares:
* Why your background qualifies you to charge high fees even if you feel you're not an expert or don't have any current clients

* The Business Lifestyle Formula so you can create highly profitable business that supports your lifestyle

* Why you don't need start at the bottom as you transition from your medical career into another field

* How to quickly land clients by aligning your current background against existing problems that businesses gladly pay a premium for
This is an interactive session where you will walk away with a game plan for adding a lucrative business that can be run part-time or full-time.

Are You Ready to
Gain the Advantage Over Your Peers?
 Here's what you will learn at BootcampMD - Your Business Breakthrough for Doctors:

* How to Develop Your Own Business Online (and You Don't Need to Know a Lick of Programming Skills)

* The Importance of Providing Quality and Ethical Information...and Why Consumers on the Internet Will Gladly Pay You For it!

* How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage and Get Massive Website Exposure

* How to Completely Outsource the Website Design and Content

* Low Cost and Inexpensive Ways to Get Traffic that No One is Using

* My Templates and Step-by-Step Blueprints for Building a Successful Online Business

* The 4 Pillars of Online Monetization

* How to Get Started on the Profitable World of Affiliate Marketing

* Why Content is the Best High-Margin Business Ever Created

* What You Can (and Can't) Do as a Physician with an Online Business

* The Initial Idea that Allowed Me the Spark to Create 25 Simple Websites that Replaced My Doctor Income

Automation Hacks for Your Online Business

* Legal Pitfalls to Know for Physicians Looking to Develop an Internet Business

* The Most Popular Internet Business Models - Which one is right for YOU?  

“Entrepreneur Hotseat” – Personalized Breakdown of your Current Situation and what you need to do to improve it.

* Case Studies of 6 and 7 Figure Internet Businesses

• And Much Much More!

Subject: For Doctors Who are Tired of the Rat Race, and Want to Diversify their Income through Entrepreneurship
From the desk of: Mike Woo-Ming, MD

Hopefully I've shown the value for why you need to be here.  But don't take my word for it, here's what past attendees have said after they've attended one of my workshops:

"Would Have Taken Me YEARS On My Own!"

Very Informative, incredible amount of information and resources that would have taken me YEARS on my own. Explained everything in plain language.”
Pam Hiti, DO Norman, OK

“Great presentation of the BIG PICTURE!”

“Great content – Learned new ways to do marketing research. Great ideas on outsourcing especially outsourcing writing of content. Great presentation of the “big picture” with multiple options and resources to use.” - Mary Ann Orzech, MD -Albuquerque, NM

"The CATALYST…(to) Start My Own Clinic!”"

“Mike was pretty much the catalyst that helped me start my own medical weight loss clinic here in Denver. Proud to say we celebrated 5 years yesterday!” -- Angela Tran MD - Owner, Med-Fit Denver CO

“Pointed Me in the Right Become Financially Independent!”

"Pointed me in the right direction in terms of where I need to go and what to do to become Financially Independent."
-Rex Manayan, MD - Nashville, TN

"Shared Plenty of Secrets That I Would Have NEVER Figured Out On My Own!"

"I can't imagine what where I would be in my internet business without Dr. Mike. I was new to the internet marketing realm when we started, and I was in major information overload. 
So, it was great to have Dr. Mike walk me through what was effective and what was not. He's shared plenty of secrets that I would have NEVER figured out on my own. "
- Mr. Edward Niu, San Leandro, CA

    8:30-9:00am - Registration

  9:00-10:00am - Welcome/ Introduction - The Physician Entrepreneurship Blueprint

10:00-11:00am - Lynn Marie Morski, MD Esq - “The Doctor is OUT: How Quitting Part or All of Your Practice Can                                Be Good Medicine”

11:00-11:15am - Break

11:15-12:15pm - Maiysha Clairborne, MD - “Leveraging Your Medical Degree w/Passion & Purpose for Profit”

  12:15-1:45pm - Lunch on Your Own

    1:45-2:45pm - Online Business Models / Finding Your Niche

    2:45-3:45pm - Skyrocket Your Brand Through Efficient Content Systems

    3:45-4:00pm - Break

    4:00-5:00pm - Travis Tollestrup - “Beat the Bank at Their Own "Game of Spreads" and Create Multiple Passive                               Income Streams” 


  9:00-10:45am - Success Strategies into Building a 7 Figure Business

10:45-11:00am - Break

11:00-12:00pm - Alex Nghiem - "How to Get High End Clients That Pay You Top Dollars...Even If You Don’t Think                              You’re an Expert"

  12:00-1:30pm - VIP Lunch with the Speakers

    1:30-2:30pm - Kristen Montez - Medicolegal Pitfalls for Physician Entrepreneurs

    2:30-3:30pm - Eric Tait, MD - Systematize Your Physician Life and Your Business

    3:30-3:45pm - Break

    3:45-4:45pm - Hot Seat / Panel Discussion 

    4:45-5:00pm - Final Thoughts

BootcampMD will take place at the Porto Vista Hotel, in the heart of the Little Italy District in beautiful San Diego.  Close to the airport, it will be a convenent and central location to meet and mingle with like-minded, forward thinking physician entrepreneurs!

Your Physician Business Blueprint
Begins Here

 Get Started by Registering Today
Only $1297 $697! 
(Order by 1/23)
There are so many opportunities for doctors...  it's worked for me, now I want to teach you  
how to do it too!

Enter BootcampMD...

Over 2 intensive days I'll discuss what's really working for me and my business. As an added bonus, you will be looking over my shoulder the strategies I'm using to launch a 7 figure business in 2019.
It's not hype or speculation, at the workshop I discuss at what's worked on my internet businesses, after years of trial and error, and thousands of dollars every year spent on mentors, my own testing, and courses and materials.
In a nutshell..

I show you my strategies and systems.

I show you what you have currently...and turn it into profit.

My goal is to give you as much information possible so you can create your own profitable 
business .
In the Future, There Will Be
Two Types of Doctors:
Those Who Seize Opportunity, and Those Who Work for Them!
We are limiting to allow for maximum interaction.  No question will be left unanswered.  The goal at the end of the two days is you will gain the tactics and strategies to leave more value to the marketplace by having your own successful business.

Whether you have always dreamed of starting a business for side income, or are looking to find more options outside of medicine, you owe it to yourself to register for BootcampMD today.

To your success,

Mike Woo-Ming MD

PS This workshop will sell out.  Register today before it fills up. You will be kicking yourself if you miss out on this once-on-a-lifetime event!
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